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Hello guys. So its democracy day and since there's not a lot of democracy in existence or any at all, i thought i might just talk on something else that plagues us both personally and as a country.

Many are guilty of this. Of focusing on the past. I mean many. Recently, I discovered I was part of that many. And I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to move forward and let go of the past. Even as a country, we focus so much on what's lost, on the pain and sorrow of yesterday as though killing the perpetrators would do any good instead of channelling that pain to create a new Nigeria, one with democracy in it. The wrong focus just brings reminders of what should have been which grows hate in us and invariably reflects in our actions and words. How about we try creating that democracy instead of whining on how it never was made?

Stop focusing on your past. Know why? It brings regrets, regrets and more regrets and regrets worsens your state of mind. And unfortunately, it can’t be changed!!!! Wish, wish and wish, nothing will bring back yesterday.

Don’t you get it? All you have is today and tomorrow and if you spend it regretting, it will soon become another past to regret on. I wish I hadn’t been so na├»ve, I wish I know what I know now, I wish I started…..stop it already please!. Stop using the time for being better to wish you had been better.

Sometimes, God allows this “past” happen so as to teach us and prepare us. Instead of learning and impacting, we stand hands akimbo and cry over the past. What a waste! When I remember the nights I cried over past mistakes, mistakes I would never have made, mistakes I allowed myself make, I wish I used it to read about God’s forgiveness or pray or learn a digital skill or even study a law report and I was there, sprawled on the floor crying. What a waste!

We are humans, these errors are bound to happen but this is me reminding you that you have focused too long on that past, that mistake, that error. Pick the lessons and move on. It’s time to be happy and better!

We are not to throw away the past, it's part of us. But we are only to learn from it to avoid repeating same mistakes. We are not to focus on it. Learn and move on. Yes it hurts, yes you loved him/her, yes you wish you hadn't but one thing should propel you to let go; and that is the fact that you can't change it. You just can't. It's like crying over milk that have been spilt on sand. See today. See the now. Be better in it. Remember, the past is never as relevant as we think it is.


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