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Who are your friends?
Who are your buddies at work?
Who do you follow on twitter and Instagram?
Who floods your facebook timeline?
Who are your mentors or role models?
Who is your partner?

I didn't ask about family because you don't choose where you are born into. Your family plays a large role in giving you the first road map of life and can influence you into the wrong path. However, the people you surround yourself with after you step out, determines the direction your life is headed.  If you come from a dysfunctional family, you might find yourself with dynsfunctional friends and mates but if you want to get out of that loop, then you don’t have to surround yourself with such dysfunctional minds too. You may not get to choose your family but you get to choose every other person who is in your life. Oh my God, did she just say dysfunctional minds? So they (dynsfunctional minds) should all be left in their clique without help? Of course not. Just don’t try to go preach salvation when you are not saved or seek salvation from an unsaved person with no penchant desire to be saved. Be saved first, then you extend the help, which might be recieved seeing that you understand thier plight as you have gone through same and come out strong.

What do you want to be in life? Do you want to successful in all spheres? Do you want to touch lifes? Do you want to make a difference? Do you want to lead a life of meaning? Then you have to be conscious of the people you are surrounded with. Their opinion, views and lifestyle always rubs off on us. Choose to be around people of like minds. People with goals and visions. People who will draw you up and not trample on you. People who will encourage you and not bad mouth you. It must not be someone higher than you, it should be someone aiming for the same goal of leading a meaningful life, whether of high, low or of equal level with you.

And, yes, it’s not always about having good friends and companions, it’s also about being good friends but who are you choosing to be good friends to?

Have a great week. Any thoughts? Drop them below. Click here for more inspiring posts.


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