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Ever been wronged by a friend or a spouse?
Ever read accounts of war of the oppressed?
Ever heard rumors about someone or something?

And you just
jumped to conclusion, she's so evil, they were so evil and then you realize you shouldn’t have because you concluded too early. And then you try to act all angry and defensive to cover shame. (I usually use humour to ‘cover face’). Don’t always be quick to conclude. There might be a reason or an excuse and yes, it might come off as too much but still give the benefit of doubt. Don’t be quick to conclude; oh, he is refusing to pick my call, oh she lied, oh so this is how it is? Some even go ahead to break off relationships based on this because in their heads, they have analyzed the other’s actions and come to a conclusion that they intended to do whatever they did without even hearing the other person out. Don’t assume all men are a certain way or that all women are a certain way and then conclude based on your assumptions on someone’s actions and then invariably act based on such conclusions. Humans definitely differ, have you met me? Lol ask, questions, communicate and be open minded. Conclusions are lethal because when you conclude, you act and actions can’t be taken back if you happen to be wrong.

The law makers were wise (every day, I realize that our ancestors are wiser than we have thought them to be and most of the truths we are realizing today, actually existed long ago with them) when they said, hear both sides, whatever the crime. Be it rape, murder, robbery or whatever else even when there is strong evidence or they were caught in the Act – still hear the other side. This is why single stories (in other words, stereotypical, one-sided stories about a person, people or thing) are so dangerous. It gives conclusive single accounts of half-truths and terms it as whole truths. It picks a prevalent nature of a thing and states that it is the whole nature of the thing.

Conclusion works together with assumption but the solution to both is communication. Communicate, ask, question, be sure, don't be quick to judge. On our way to church yesterday, my aunty was bought a gum. She told me that some people will judge and condemn her for chewing this gum in church. They wouldn't care as to why, what possible excuse could she have, it's no doctor's prescription. But she had a valid one. She had forgotten to brush.

Decide to communicate. Then you can effectively conclude.

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