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Good morning dear readers. Since I'm just starting this category, I'll explain what it's about. In summary, it's interactions or encounters from my everyday life and any lessons from them.

In one of the courts here (Kaduna State in Nigeria), the registrars are always frowning, angry, rude, bitter and never willing to help as though they are at war with the universe. It baffles me. And they are Hausas. I went to this court many times when I first came and it was always the same experience. Most times, I made three trips to the court in a day because of thier fault and indolence. I disliked them quickly.

Then I started going to this other court. The registrars are always smiling (pretty faces), bright faced, greeting everyone, ever willing to help as though they are at peace with the universe. Also baffles me. They are Hausas too.

What am I saying? Do away with Stereotypes - single stories never represent the whole truth. There's always an exception. When I came, I had no view of the Hausa man except that they are United. Then I met the registrars from the first court and my first thoughts unfortunately was that Hausa women are rude....I was only supposed to think - these women are rude but instead I brought thier tribe into the picture and if I was asked, I would quickly say that Hausa women are rude and then give one example, one! Example!

Tribalism....Stereotyping....Spreading of Single stories should be  stopped. We should relate with people as they are and not attribute it to thier tribes. I've met really warm Hausa indigenes and have met really rude ones. It's thier person not thier tribes. Just think....I'm dealing with Mr A and not I'm dealing with Mr. Hausa. That way, we avoid single stories, avoid conflict among ourselves and we let love reign.

Any thoughts, experiences? Please do share


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