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Good morning lovelies. Hope you had a lovely weekend? If not, read here.

I stay with my younger brother and we both are night crawlers but sometimes sleep overtakes us while waiting for the light to be restored. The light is not static but we know the timelines. And while waiting, we keep busy with our phone doing the little work we can do until light is restored. And whenever we sleep off while using our phones, it's usually till the next morning when the light is off and our battery is dead or flat.

For a while I was sleeping off and waking up to a dead battery. I would query him as to why he didn't help me plug my phone since he was awake. He would either say he didn't know I needed to plug my phone or that how was it his business. Very annoying right? But I had things to do and I wouldn't ignore them because my phone won't be charged. That week, I just kept sleeping off - very stressful days. I just stopped bugging him and kept my anger to myself and thought how wicked he was.

Then three weeks ago, he started sleeping off. Haha! But I wasn't. I would see his phone battery usually at 15 or 20% and I would go ahead to plug it including his laptop. The second time, he had plugged it but didn't put on the switch and I put it on. I did this for up to a week and he would sometimes thank me. I didn't want to but that's not what Christ taught us plus I figured it's no use being wicked. Lol

Anyways, last week, I was stressed and slept off while reading with my phone, connected to the powerbank. When I woke up, I sighed to myself, dead phone, dead powerbank, no light, how great. But then I looked around and didn't find it. I started to search the edge of the bed to see if it had fallen in but when I stepped down from the bed, there, was my phone plugged in! 100%. I didn't see my power bank so I went to the living room and there it was too plugged and fully charged. He was sleeping. I thanked him later.

Moral of the story? Actions matter! Sometimes you show and stop saying. If you've said something too long and the other party doesn't seem to heed to it, start showing. Actions speak too and I've heard that it speaks louder than words. If I had ignored his phone that week, he would even have more justification for ignoring mine. In school, my friend would scatter our dorm room and even when she cleans, she hardly arranges everything properly. I complained and it was almost causing a drift so I stopped complaining. I would clean as I used to before but also when she litters or whenever she cleans improperly, I woould get up and clean it without complains. Soon, she quickly changed and cleaned better! Sometimes we show rather than just saying.

Does that means that words are of no importance? No! Words are required but you have to back it up with actions for both to make sense or be heard. If you only 'say' but your life is the direct opposite, whoever you are talking to won't listen and whatever they do that makes it seem as though they listen is pretence. On the other hand, If you always 'act' without saying, it can get confusing. e.g a guy meets a girl he has interest in, he always calls the girl, checks up on her, helps her out without actually declaring his interest, he'll leave the girl confused as to what his interests are and she can go on to date someone else seeing him as a nice friend.

End point is that we should back up our words with actions, words alone don't speak. Show too. It moves the heart more.

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Have a favoured week!




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