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We did a study in my sisters group, the women at the well and this post was inspired. I’m learning, I’m dwelling or rather finding my way back to 'stay' and I want you to join me too. It’s beneficial!!!

Scripture: PSALM 91

After salvation, what next? Is it just to confess Christ as our Lord and Saviour, then live on like normal, as usual?
Even though you have actually received Christ, attend church regularly and follow the rules of “Christianity” as taught, you could remain unhappy, have no peace, drift through the days, finding fault with everyone and everything, full of bitterness and resentment because of the difficulties of life and experience more difficulties with seemingly no rational explanation. This is because you are living in who you “were” instead of who you “are” in Christ. Accepting Christ brings you into Him. Dwelling shows you who you are in Him. That knowledge is everything. Accepting is only a first step. It doesn't bring the full change we are to experience with coming into Christ. Dwelling does.

Whether you are new to salvation or an old believer, every Christian is to dwell in the secret place, sin disrupted that, and then Jesus came to clear the way, so we could have free unrestricted access, that’s the original design of God with man, Constant fellowship.
It’s not enough to give your life or rather, it doesn’t end there. Once you believe, you connect too.
What does it mean to dwell?
Where is the secret place?

Dwell from the dictionaries that abound means to remain, live, reside, linger, fixate, abide. Therefore dwelling means constant fellowship. It’s not the 'visit His presence most probably on Sundays or in good times, weekdays included and then leave' It doesn’t mean, quiet time today, none Thursday and Friday. When you are dwelling, you stay. Dwelling here means constant fellowship, everyday fellowship, consistent fellowship.

The secret place is at the feet of Jesus – His presence. John 15: 2-17. It’s not the usual ‘’father, thank you for today, take charge as I go about my activities, Amen’’ or “lord, heal this sickness, touch my boss heart, help me with this business” and then you are off for months. At the secret place, we connect with Jesus, we learn from Him, we communicate with Him, we listen to Him, we glean from Him, you know who you are, your value, you learn what you have, you realize the spiritual blessings released unto you for a blessed life, eph 1 v 3.

When you dwell in the secret place – you are connected to the source of light – therefore, darkness cannot reign in you. Darkness – enemy – satan, cannot reign. The enemy wants access to us and the easiest target is a christain who deosn’t dwell in the secret place, so even though it’s seemingly simple, the devil fights it because he knows what we stand to gain when we stay connected to the secret place.
From our anchor scripture, psalm 91, we see what darkness that dwelling in the secret place prevents. Verse 2 -13

1. Snare of the fowler and noisome pestilence. In other words, traps and fatal plaques set for us by the enemy cause, make no mistake about it, he is fighting your choice to be for God everyday.

2. Terror of the night or arrows that fly by day. In other words, dangers that exist at night or day time, normal dangers or risk that exist by virtue of our existence, going around, beng busy e.g accidents, being duped

3. Pestilence that walketh in darkness and destruction that wasteth at noon day. In other words dangers particularly associated with night time or day time that can come upon you whether you choose to live or be indoors.

When you dwell in the secret place, at his feet, under his cover, evil may be happening around you daily but won’t affect you. You only see and hear but when you are not dwelling, darkness can reign in your life because there is no hedge. Not only can the devil bite but he will also chew.
The secret place is His presence – where there is fullness of joy – a beautiful place to be – where we listen, communicate, we learn about who He is and who we are in Him. We come to know how much God loves us and in turn we live differently, pray differently, and approach life differently. Psalm 91 lists further benefits of dwelling.

Stop breezing in and out….dwell.

Stop putting work for God over walk with God….dwell.

Intimacy with God is paramount to our existence…..dwell.

Don’t be an empty Christian……dwell.
Don’t get taken over by distractions…..dwell.

You think you don’t have time? Don’t read that book yet or wash that cloth yet or eat that food yet, fix a time and whatever suddenly crops up in that time or into it, abandon it, leave it and dwell. Later you do it. Tune out from the world and tune into Jesus. In time, there will be order. Stop giving excuses. He is God all by Himself. He doesn’t need us but we do very much need him. DWELL.

Prayer: Lord, bring me back to loving you, to dwelling with you, to fellowshipping with you. Steer my heart towards you alone because in you I have it all.

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