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Happy New week! If it's not starting happy, declare happiness and joy for yourself, yes, you have that power.

There lived a man who had financial difficulties. Business wasn't going well, despite how hard he tried. Then came a Sunday, he went to church as usual to worship. During the exhortation, the pastor shared the following scripture; Ecclesiastics 11: 1 Cast your bread upon the waters, for you will find it after many days.

The man's business was bread baking. Somehow, he understood this literally. Lol, stupid right? Anyways, he took all his already freshly baked bread still wrapped in the nylon and went out to the ocean and threw them all out there. He thought that maybe it'll come back to him with better luck. Off he went.

Now there was a ship on the high sea. They had been voyaging and encountered problems. The journey home then had many more days until return. They had run out of food and thought for sure that they would die before getting home. They all made peace with thier maker. All of a sudden, bread floated to them; 1, 5, 20 and much more. They checked and it was good and fresh. They packed it all and it sustained them till they got home.

In the ship was a wealthy man. He had also made peace with His maker. He had thought he would die for sure. All his wealth couldn't help him. When they arrived home, he asked for who had the bread that saved thier lifes. Then he met the man and asked him what his bread was doing on the sea. The man narrated the instructions and bible passage read by His pastor on Sunday as a solution to His financial difficulties. So he only obeyed. The wealthy man ofcourse helped him with money, twice the amount he needed and he got back on his feet.

Moral of the story: God's got you.
It may not happen the way you expect but it will happen. See Isaiah 55:8-9
It may not seem like it but God's got you. God said in Isaiah 41: 10 -13, fear not for I will Help you.
Don't allow the devil to use the facts of the circumstances to distort the truth. God's word is the truth and it never lies.
Remain connected.

Have a fruitful week. Thoughts? Please share


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