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Tunnel is an analogy for tough times’

‘Light is an analogy for when it becomes better’

Sometimes it feels like hope is gone

It feels like all is lost

It feels like you are really doomed

Maye I’ll never graduate

Maybe I’ll never succeed

Maybe I’ll never heal

Maybe this is just the way my life is meant to be

Maybe things will never get better no matter how hard I try

Maybe it’ll always be heartache and disappointments with me

Maybe this ache is meant to be

Maybe this maybe that

Your head and mind are just going in circles
You feel like the world is closing in on you
Your heart is hurting so much that it’s caving in on you
Dying is more of a welcomed idea than a scary idea

I’m not here to remind you that there is light at the end of the ‘tunnel’, you probably already know that even if you don’t believe it. I’m here to tell you that you are at the darkest part of the tunnel and how you react in that darkness matters a lot.

If your course of action is to give up, you won’t die, nether will you get to the light. You’ll just remain in the darkness and it’ll keep galloping around you. You’ll best be described as a shadow of yourself. Life loses it’s meaning and flavour. If you are waiting to die, you’ll wait a very long time. If you instead, just give up, things will get worse very fast. Maybe you could see a little in the darkness before but now you’ve just given up, you will stop seeing at all.

Little by little or rather, in very quick successions, everything, including those hanging by a thread just falls completely apart.  But if you choose, even with the pain, the ache, the tears, the sadness and anger to keep moving on, you will definitely get to the ‘light’.

Just because you have decided to keep moving, does not mean that things will suddenly get better. You are still in the darkest part of the tunnel, therefore, it will definitely take a little time. Night time lasts for about 10 hours before the morning comes, likewise, things will not suddenly become better. But one thing is certain, as you move, you move away from the darkness, slowly and gently and before you know it, you are at the light. After all, the night gets to it’s darkest before the morning can come. Don’t be like, oh gosh, I’ve tried and I’m still stuck. Just keep moving even when it feels like there’s no progress because there really is progress. Funny thing is that when you get to the light, the pain all just becomes memories. You don’t narrate it and feel like you are there (in the tunnel) all over again neither will your heart skips beats nor will you feel twinges of regret and pain or shed tears. The light completely overtakes the darkness. That’s when you know you are in the light.

I hope to get there someday.
I hope you get there someday.
This is me, your fellow ‘in the dark tunnel’ partner urging you to keep moving on.
One day, we’ll succeed, we’ll heal, we’ll smile and there’ll be a lot of joy and laughter, because dawn is coming.

Watch out for my next week post on practical steps to take while in the tunnel




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