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About to leave for work 17/7/17 lol see the date o

Good morning dears! Hope the weekend was fantastic?! Lol it's okay if it wasn't.
Was it so bad?
Are things going terribly wrong or just wrong but still wrong anyways?
Is your face contorted in a scowl now or are your facial muscles just tied up in a strong knot?
Lol hide not! You are not alone!

I have every reason to be sad and unhappy and depressed right now even angry enough to throw grenades lol
I'm having severe skin reactions that are really itchy and painful and doesn't want water or clothes touching on them but I gotta bath and go to work

I'm having a fall out with two of my close friends; they sha are headaches

I'm what a lot of people would call broke right now lol and I have needs that have to be met ASAP!

But you know what? I choose to be happy.
You see ehn, devil is not funny. He is smart. He has spent eternity (literally) studying man! He knows where and how to get you and he has been on my case. I'll just have two hours breath of freshness, joy and laughter and something will happen. And he keeps throwing these subtle issues in, little by little the way you throw your meat into the frying pan when frying. He keeps working and manipulating your mind so you'll come to the point where you'll be like I've gone through enough to believe that God loves me or knows me sef and then you are getting angry at everything and everyone and doubting your faith in God.

But guess what sweetie? God's got you! He really actually loves you! He knows your name! He sees each tear! Don't ever think otherwise...don't let the devil win that battle in your mind! Your mind is the control center, don't let the devil have free reign over it!

Tell him, to shift joor lol Declare it. I know God has got me! He has blessed me with every spiritual blessing I need for life. He has given me sound health, joy, happiness, laughter, riches.  Devil you have lost this battle! You will not steal my joy. I will smile, I will forgive, I will shine bright. It doesn't matter what I see now, it doesn't matter what the circumstances are because I know God has got me!

Declare it believe it! Don't give the devil a chance o If you chase him out, he can't stay and you have the power to chase him out. Stop listening to him fa! Don't you know who you are again? Stop looking at the distorted image he is painting in your mind. Throw him out jare. If you've thrown him out, don't let him back in

Lol I've been smiling since morning o Join me.
Warning: it sha will make you hungry lol

P.s Happy birthday to a sweet Sister Mobolaji @ May your prayers be granted!

Have a Joy filled week! Kisses haha! Ok bye


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