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Two stories.

So I used to wonder about people who do price too low. They price food items, they price with keke, they price with shoe menders. They wait no matter how much in a hurry for that 10 naira balance. Something that is clearly 50 naira, they will price 30 naira. I wondered this for a long time till i was on thier side of things lol.

There's this boy that lives around my area. He must have some kind of medical condition because he can't produce words correctly. When I first moved in, he saw me with my bag, he rushed to help. I tried to stop him but he insisted on helping me. See me o. I refused till a lady living in the compund I was about to move into told me to allow him else we'll keep dragging and he only means well. He helped me and lingered. I understood and gave him small money. He was very grateful. I came to discover that he normally comes to throw away the dirt of everyone without being asked. Sometimes he is paid, sometimes he is not but he keeps coming.

My point is; not everyone will start an Ngo.
Don't wait till you start an ngo.
Don't wait till Government holds empowerment programs. You can help in little ways in your community.
Sometimes you leave that ten Naira change. Sometimes you don't under price.
Sometimes make a purchase just to help.
Sometimes leave a tip.
Sometimes share.
When you can afford it, be of help.
Especially to people who are willing to work for it. They know they need money. They know they lack the means, knowledge or opportunity to make it. But instead of begging or just walking up to demand from you, they work, they offer a service. Be of help. Encourage them.
It's not stupidity. It's kindness.

I know some are dishonest and always will be
I know the world is an evil place
I know people can be ungrateful
But let's add increase to the light not the darkness.
The change really, actually starts with You.
It's our Home - our country, it's in our hands to help each other. Do Help.

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