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Every morning I'd ask myself, what’s the essence? Maybe this way I'd find answers but not this morning. No questions, no answers. With the sun rays filtering across my bed, I knew I had over slept again. I stretched and picked my phone to check the time. Abari would be in class in 30 minutes and yet again, I had a silly reason for being late.
"The key to hard work is discipline, learn it!" he'd say later to me in his office. Friday mornings were usually sleep ins for me but ever since Abari added Fridays to his lecture days, I’ve been unfairly robbed of that. It’s been only a year and I'm already in the web of a lecturer's net - at least that's how I view it. My first meeting with Abari baffled me. I would never imagine it and still don't see its essence. I mean, why would a lecturer develop interest in me? I was talking with Emeka while playing my game of temple run at the faculty love garden when the course rep walked up. 
"Mr. Abari wants yo…


Hello dearies? Hope the weekend was fun and you learnt a thing or two? Well, mine was just okay. Not very many happing beginnings but I hope for happy endings soon. Also, I received a blog giveaway gift *inserts happy face* courtesy of Frances Okoro. Well, I want to share a story I read years ago from a Winners Chapel Bulletin I think. Most of us might have read it but I’m reminding us just as a medium of encouraging anyone out there who feels life is overwhelming, life is hard and it’s not working out as planned or as it should. I read it when I was in secondary school and wrote it down in my little diary then, found the story few days ago and decided to share.


This post occurred to me long ago when I started noticing a lot of changes about the wedding world, most of which were influenced by celebrities or the wealthy ones in the society. Weddings are always acknowledged as the day of the woman because she is the one that is married, she is the one that dreams of it, she is the one that determines how it’ll go, she’s the one that attention is always on. That’s why she chooses the venue and her name comes first in the wedding card. However, if we look closely, in fact we don’t need to look closely, from afar, we would see that a lot of changes have taken place in this 21st century and weddings were not left out. So let’s do a rundown.


I woke up this morning late. Late in the sense that I woke up after the time I usually wake up. I just want to put up an already written post and zoom off but I have a leading and inspiration to drop this advice for dream “havers” out there. The bible said in Habakkuk 2 v 2, write the vision, make it plain that they may run and not faint. There are very many of us with big and scary dreams that do not even correspond with what we are doing now. I just have three little tips for such dream havers.


Last week, while I was reading a post about not watching the movie fifty shades of grey on blog by Adaeze Obiako, she said something worthy of note. She said that every gift from God to mankind has a perverted version. This also applies to love. Love has many perverted versions of it. Versions that make people scared of love, versions that make people scared to show love, versions that make people scared to open their heart to love, versions that make people not to be receptive to love, versions that make people go through life with the wrong notion of love. Well, I want to talk on what love is not, as a sequel to my last week’s post on +what love is.


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It’s the season of love, so what better way to celebrate than to teach and educate people about what the reason for the season is all about. This word can hardly be defined as to each person it has different meanings. To some it’s blind, to some it’s wicked. To some, it’s awesome. To some, it’s difficult to find. If a thousand and one persons are asked what love is, one would get a thousand and one different answers. Some do not even know what it is as they have wrong conceptions about it. I was at a meeting recently and the speaker asked what is love, everyone that answered had different opinions about what love is and they were ready to keep throwing in answers till the lady stopped them. Attempting to define love would be trying to make the longest sentence in this world. So what then would I do regarding the title? I would describe love, cause that’s the best that can be done. Love is a lot of things


We cannot wait for government to do it all. Kofi Annan.


This blog title is a line from one of the songs of a popular Nigerian gospel artist Buchi. The gospel is not for Sunday morning Sunday morning alone Each and every day that the lord has made We have to give thanks and praise to the lord Almighty father, papa never tire

love at first sight, how real?

Happy new week dearies, how was your weekends? Hope not boring? If it was, you might want to read the last post on curing boredom below. I’m sorry for putting this post up late, school runs. Now to today’s post… ** ** ** ** ** If anyone was meant to be together, it was Sally and Emeka. Since the day they met, they haven’t been able to let go.  It was still two weeks away but for sally,