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Morning dearies. I’m so sorry for not having been able to post the past two days. Exam is coming so girl’s got to read.

Now to today’s question. I’ve been skeptical about answering this question because I’m a victim sometimes so I thought that I may not really be in a very good position to answer but I decided to share with you guys what I do when I’m in such a position that helps. Question:

“How do I deal with depression? I’m always sad, unhappy and moody. I need to get my head on straight or should I just kill myself?”

When I saw this question, I copied it out just to ask someone and not to answer it but then I knew that for me to get to where I am now,(I used to be depressed a lot, always) where I don’t feel sad and unhappy always then I must have progressed in the depression journey. So I’ll just share what I do when depression hits, that worked for me and I hope works for you too out there.

11.   Most times though not all times, there is a reason behind the depression and like I always say, to solve a problem, you have to find the cause and extinguish it. So when you get depressed, most especially when it just happens out of the blue, when your week has been going well or everything has been fine, then suddenly you feel depressed, then there is something causing it. If you want to deal with the depression, deal with whatever that is. If you deal with it or start dealing with it, you’ll feel so much better. If it’s a failing academics, oya start reading, draw a timetable, meet people to help you out, pray, do something about it or is it a failing business or anger issues or wrong friendships. Whatever it is, do something about it that will bring improvement and ask for God’s help too. Don’t just lie down and wallow in the depression while feeling sorry for yourself.

2.   Talk to someone. I don’t do this a lot because I’m not a talker but the little time I do, it helps. This I recommend especially when you are getting suicidal thoughts. Don’t say there is no one to talk to. Talk to your mum or your dad or your siblings or that friend or that teacher or that pastor. There’s always someone that cares just a little bit more that you can talk to. Talk to God, if there’s no one, He’ll send someone or He’ll do it His own way. When the problem is not only dwelling in you, it helps. It won’t magically get better when you talk to someone but there will be a little relief and it’s those little reliefs that lead to bigger ones and you’ll begin to feel better.

3.   Get involved in activities. This keeps your mind busy that you barely have time to be depressed. Have something to do, engagements to keep, personally or workwise or church wise or schoolwise. Just be involved in something. Don’t be an indoor person if you get depressed a lot. It’s hard but if you get your mindset on doing it, you will get there. Get busy but don’t get drowned. Don’t get so involved in activities that you over crowd yourself and find yourself not doing all that is expected of you. That could cause another bout of depression. Get busy in a balanced way, it keeps your mind off somethings.

4.   Find your purpose. I believe that knowing why we are here on earth, having a reason for living helps a lot. It gives us something to look forward to. It gives us a sense of fulfillment, a sense of belonging, a sense of existence. Doing something you love and doing it to His glory can give you a reason to smile. This is especially necessary for those having suicidal thoughts. If you are dealing with depression and you are not a christain, all the above suggestions might help but no one helps better than God does. In achieving all the suggestions above, no one helps better than He. For e.g, the cause of the depression may be a huge problem bigger than you, He will readily help you out with it so if you are not in Him, run to Him, He is ever willing to help us out. Know your purpose in Him and walk towards it. Doing the right thing at the right time gives you a sense of fulfillment.

5.   Last but not the least, I sing when I’m depressed and alone. I pick my hymn book and sing aloud or I play my quiet time playlists or I just sing worship songs to Him. I try to take my mind off whatever it might be. I say positive things in my head. I write (it’s something I love doing) too. Morning exercises help too because depression can weaken our body system. I sleep sometimes too but I don’t recommend sleeping because when you get into the zone of sleeping, all you do, is to now sleep and sleep away your time.

Don’t forget your creator above, prayer works too. If you can’t pray, talk to someone who’ll help you out. No one is born with depression or born to be depressed, we can all work it out, just get tired of it and determine to do better. It’s one step at a time, two steps won’t feel like improvement but twenty will sure do when you keep up with the two.

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Any comments, drop them below, I’ll love to hear from you how you dealt with depression at any point in your life.


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