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Morning dear readers. Hope the Easter celebration was awesome? It continues today so you can still make it awesome, if it wasn’t. Last week, I decided to do a series on the blog that is about answering questions that bother youths, teenagers and adults alike. Questions I’ve come across around the internet, blogs, teachings and also hear your contributions but unfortunately, I didn’t achieve that so we’ll just continue this week. you can read that of last week here. I’m going to be posting daily as there are lots of questions bothering people. You can also send in any you have here. So here’s today’s question:  

My husband just got displaced in his place of work. I have a well-paying work so my family depends on me now. A lot of people depend on me only now. But my new boss is making sex attempts at me and has threatened to fire me if I refuse to oblige. My husband hasn’t gotten another job yet. What do I do?

This is the ordeal of many in our present dispensation. In fact, some believe you can’t get a decent job if you are a lady without sleeping your way in. It’s that bad. Some of the posts of naijasinglegirl about her job hunt will be informative on this. This should not be so but what should anyone found in such predicament do? If you are a Christian, pray. Talk to God about your predicament. Talk to your spiritual heads too, to join you in praying. You should also talk to your husband about it, it would stop you from taking any impromptu decision and also make sure he doesn’t do anything rash especially if he is the jealous kind. Prayer still works. Ask God for guidance. If you have to leave the work, you leave, God will provide another, He takes care of his own. 

Again, since “new boss” was mentioned, that means there are higher personnel than he. Get some concrete evidence against your boss, like him on a tape recorder or phone recorder and report him to those higher than he is and an action will be taken against him. 

You can as well get a lawyer and institute a court action against him for sexual harassment if the higher authorities do not act. At this stage, they will be quick to do something to prevent dragging their name in the mud. The reason many people get away with things like this is because we do nothing. We just give up, accept a sack letter, go home, mourn and bear grudges. The courts are not there for decoration and if you take a wrong doer to court, it’s not wrong. It’ll put a check on them. 

However, support your actions with prayer and God’s guidance.

Any additional answers? Use the comment box below

Have a lovely easter Monday.


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