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Good morning dearies! Decided to give us a douse on the relationship side today, enjoy reading!
Long post alert
I’ve read a lot of posts with very long tales and stories on why courtships today are not what they are supposed to be. In fact I got the post title from one of the articles I read. There is a whole rearrangement of the order God has placed the universe. Our culture has all been sexualized in this generation. Everything is going on wrong but it somehow still manages to seem to be right because our culture and lifestyle has been sexualized. For example, It’s now okay for kids who are yet to know who they are to date and make out and we stand aside and say ‘aww’, it’s now a normal thing to sleep around with every guy you date before you marry or have sex with a random guy you met at a club, it’s now okay to disobey our parents and run off with our ‘soulmate’, it’s now normal to move in with someone we don’t know just because we are getting married. A lot of things are now very n…


hello blog readers. how's your day going? hope well? i just decided to pop in my head and drop in this little poem i found on a website some time ago titled faith and courage in life.


As we grow, we learn that we can’t act anyway we like, that there are certain laws governing certain actions and it is our duty to obey them else we face the consequences, in every society of today, only a select few know this laws: the lawyers and the few intellectuals that have chosen to read beyond their fields. It is on this note that I will be starting a new segment on the blog; ‘law 101’ just as an avenue for educating us on basic laws that we are supposed to have knowledge of. I’ve always wanted to put this segment on this blog but just never came around to it. Now, I have so I’ll be starting with one of the most commonly talked about law we should be aware of as citizens, that is, our fundamental human rights.


Hello dearies, it’s another beautiful Thursday morning. I love Thursdays. As a kid, I loved it because it was the day for rice and beans, lol and there was no extracurricular activities after the main activities for the day. I still love Thursdays and always wish weekends start from Thursdays because it has always felt more weekend than Friday. I always wished back then that every day was a Thursday because it was so bright for me then, all the time. Any ways, this is another Thursday out of thousands of Thursdays that is still yet to come so here’s how to have fantastic “Thursdays” every day.
i. Always have a morning devotion: ain’t nothing better than getting down on your knees for thirty minutes and committing your day into the hands of your maker before you step out. He will so lay out the lines in pleasant places that you’ll be wondering what you did to deserve it.
ii. Eat breakfast and some fruits to keep you strong. Many times, we jump breakfast and later on start wondering what’…

NEWS: 3 Happy News I Found this Week

I saw this post on Amaka media's blog, (click here to go to the blog ( ) and i love sharing her posts because i always visualize her jumping and smiling happily while typing the post, i feel the life in her blog posts. That said, i also agreed with the post. a lot of bad happenings lately, if not disagreement at the federal government level, then it's a tanker exploding or an accident or a very unnecessary death caused by mistake. it just seems as if the newspapers never carry good news. so, it's good to hear a good news once in a while.


I’m sure by now most of us have heard the Jenner story, Bruce Jenner to be precise. The second dad of the Kardashian ladies, Kourtney, Khloe and Kim. The family never ceases to throw out surprises, just when you think they might be fading in the news, something just comes up. Obviously, the 65 year old man had always wanted to be a lady, he felt he was destined to be a lady and so he went for it. My problem though is why build a clan and then turn around to disappear? Well, this story is pure evidence that when you don’t deal with something, it won’t magically go away no matter how much you keep it in.  He made his debut as a woman, Caitlyn, on the cover page of Vanity Fair magazine with a 22 page cover story on how the transition has been and his desire and all.

A lot of criticism have been thrown at him by many different people, it took his family time to accept and that’s understandable because of how late the revelation came. This post is not coming as an insult or as a criticism b…


Hello dearies, been away too long, right? Yes, I know, been beating myself up about it, have not really followed through with my resolutions for the blog this year but I’m hoping to do better, so to today’s post.
I’m a fan of E! Entertainment network, website,  tv shows and reality shows so I know a lot about their lifestyle. It should be noted that not everything we see in the media is true but it has given me insight a little about thier way of life. Now this post is not an insult or insubordination to Americans but an observation and advice that will hopefully reduce the divorce rate. Yesterday I was watching E! News when I returned home(home sweet home😊) and it was mentioned that the last couple of the bachelorette show ( a show where a bunch of guys leave their life and come together to compete for a girl and the last one standing, the one she chooses becomes her husband, weird right? I know!) Had separated or divorced and I felt sad in my spirit. I’ve always hated the news of di…