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Morning dear readers. The series continues today so our question for today is:

There are so many opinions and really touching articles on the gay issue all over the world. Many prominent men and women that are looked up to has not condemned them. So, what should be my attitude towards them, I’m really confused.

I rephrased this question because where I saw it, it was really long with examples of the touching articles. I even know of one speech concerning the issue made by a prominent writer I hold in very high esteem. I was very disappointed after reading that article and the esteem I held fell though not in her area of writing.

As a Christian, I’ll always refer to the bible because I believe it’s a guide for everything we do. I’ve read some of these articles too and they are quite touching indeed, some will say if they could decide not to be gay, they would. So I’ll say that our attitude towards them should be love. We are to love them and not condemn them. Jesus Christ accepted Zacchaeus offer to come into his home even though he was regarded a sinner (Luke 19:1-10). The greatest commandment no 2 is love your neighbor as ourselves. We should stop seeing people as condemned sinners but potential Christians. If we can show love to this people, it’ll be easier to change them. Very many who are against the idea of being gay not only condemn the act but also condemn the person and want to have nothing to do with them. This attitude can never get them to listen to what you have to say. So, we love them, treat them like they are the humans they are though their actions are not natural.

Then tell them the truth. Condemn the act but don’t condemn them. Get to know the person, when the person started thinking he/she is gay and what he/she did about it. Witness to them about Christ and accepting Him, then tell them about the greatest commandment no 1(mark 12: 28-31) which is to love the lord your God with all your heart and you show love to God by keeping his commandments in his world and having sexual relations with the same gender is against His word. The truth is that God created Adam and Eve and said to them, go ye into the world and multiply both in finances, wealth, childbirth and many others. If god intended for such relations to exist, He would have made provisions for it. The bible is against sex with the person of same gender and considers it incest so the idea of being gay or accepting to be gay can only come from the devil. It cannot be from God. God cannot create a human being Gay so any christain that thinks he/she is gay should pray for deliverance because it’s not ordinary. Sometimes when a person keeps saying, if I could, I would not be gay, then maybe theirs is an issue of being possessed. Being gay is not ordinary, it has a spirit behind it, as apart from being against God’s commandment, it’s unnatural. I once read the deliverance story of a lady who also felt she was gay and could do nothing about.

So our attitude toward them?  love them but not accept what they do, tell them in love backed up with scriptures and prayers but not judge them. A lot of hatred and judgement is coming from the world already.

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