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Good morning lovelies. How was our night?

Finally, the day for the e-book is here.

Its titled:  Getting through Life's difficult Challenges.

In it are contained nuggets for getting through the most trying times in life. what to do, how to go about it, and how to come out from it victorious.


Trust is not a very welcomed concept in our modern day of science and technology. Trust comes very easily to me when I just meet someone. Even though, I’ve been told not to be quick to trust when I meet someone but I have this policy where I give everyone I meet the benefit of the doubt and trust them with no reservations unless they have some shady corner to them. This trust remains if in the long run it proves worth it. But if the said person does something to discard my trust for them, it takes a lot before I can trust such a person again. The doubt keeps lingering. To some, trust doesn’t come easily. The opposite is the case. When they meet someone, they do not dish out trust till the person does something that warrants creating the trust. Whatever the case or experience, humans are never fully trust worthy. No matter the good heart or good intentions, there is bound to be disappointments along the way. However, with God,  it’s a different ball game.



This is not my favourite topic to talk about because of the ‘gory’ details but it’s a necessary evil considering the century we are in. Like many other things in this 21st century, there are so many false truths flying about concerning sex. Perverted stories of what sex is and what it is for. Here’s ten basic things or more you need to know and tell others about sex.


Good morning dear readers. Hope the week has been going well? This post is just to add one more colour to life. This is something I’ve watched and noticed over time around me and everywhere; with friends, family, teachers, strangers, you name it. It has seeped into our being. I’m talking about assumption. It’s become a bane of life. Humans have the tendency to make assumptions about everything. There are so many things that our mind cannot explain; we have all these questions that need answers. But instead of asking questions when we don’t know something, we make all sorts of assumptions. We start to imagine all kinds of ideas and stories. We start imagining what the other person is doing, what they’re thinking, what they’re saying about us, and we dream things up in our imagination. We end up with wrong and costly assumptions forgetting that nothing has one meaning and that change is a constant factor.


We have a lot of quotes flying around, some in the name of motivating us, others in the name of what I don’t really know. They have become so popular and has seeped into our everyday conversations that they seem true but actually isn’t. Here are some of them: