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Yes, so while everyone was busy getting gifts and all, I got my books, they stared at me so much that I had to pick them and read and so have I been reading my ass off not because it's not by grace but because work is also needed and the work is heaped for me.

2015 was awesome, for the first time I had "serious" new year resolutions and almost all came through! God is awesome. Cause of lack of time and plus I still being a learner in self discussion, I won't be chronicling my 2015 but I'll keep you guys in the loop tomorrow, sorry next year lol. So over to today's post...permit the length.


MERRY CHRISTMAS my people of God.
This Christmas post is not the normal Christmas wish but tatafor gist about my Christmas so far and if you don't have a reason to thank God, thank Him for me.


Hey lovelies, i've missed you guys but it was all out of necessity. But I'm settled in and I'm back. I would love to put up posts about my experience in the law school so far but it's Xmas and you cannot just look over it. There's just too much excitement in the air, I just have to step away from the excitement and say something. The law school post will be  coming up later.

Just before I continue....tomorrow is my birthday! . .two days before Jesus was born and if you look am well, e come be like saying I senior Jesus. Lol. I expect gifts sha.

Yay so it's the favourite time of the year, discounts everywhere, black Friday, shopping bonuses, return of love ones, meeting of cousins, making of New friends,  eating and drinking and celebrating, adding weight lol. However, it is important not to loose sight of the season.
What then is the reason for the season some one might ask.
Simple...the birth of the saviour, the beginning of our redemption, the coming of eter…


A very beautiful morning dearies. It is too beautiful to be bearing grudges, right?

It is another event filled week ahead, another week of growth and I want to share a thing or two about the ills of unforgiveness.


 Good morning dearies. I've been away again. Consistency is not my strong forte in relation to the blog but like many other things, I'm working on it.
It's another stage of life for me and somehow, I just get so scared of the uncertainty that I loose the excitement in it. I like to be prepared even for the littlest things. . .a discussion, a testimony, a confrontation. It's crazy, I know but one can't really prepare for the future with certainty and it's the unknown that brings in the fear. 

But this time, I've decided not to be scared but to be excited and embrace this new level.
I never talk about myself here mostly because there's really nothing to know. But let me share a little as it will excuse my being away for some time.

So, yes I graduated this year and though the happiness was not complete because not every one  I wanted to, left with me but I believe everything God allows is for a reason because He is a God of purpose.
Well after all the f…