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Happy weekend loves, hope the week wasn't so stressful.  Thank God its Friday again! It"ll be a fun busy weekend for me.  For some, it will be just so so busy, for some it'll be boring because there'll be nothing to do. The only remedy to boredom for some people is hanging out with friends, going clubbing e.t.c they have no other form of having fun. Well, the introverts like mua  have fun only by watching movies, surfing the net or reading. Well, not to worry, here goes my eight things to do when bored. Thank me later! Lol


Morning dearies. The other day I was talking with my friend when she read out a post title on bella naija to wit: would you marry yourself at 40? She commented on why people would even contemplate marrying themselves. I was a little taken a back because I didn't interpret it literally, then I decided to tell you guys what I understood from it and also amend the title.

Now back to business, would you marry yourself? This post is just a prompt so might not be long. I'm not asking if you would literally marry yourself, that would be absurd.


Darkness cannot drive out darkness,  only light can.  Hate cannot drive out hate,  only love can.    Martin Luther king jnr.


The shouting increased
Sure sounded like it
My heart beat faster
Then ached

Maybe I should stop
Try reasoning
No no no
Oh! I'm so gone

Death was inches away
My legs wouldn't run faster
I looked back

Many were they
Was that a machete?
That was definitely a gallon
But of what?
I swallowed

That was when I felt it
I staggered
Another came

I shook upon realisation
I'm being stoned!
Then I fell


I chose the word "habit" because these things have become norms, actions engaged into leisurely and repeatedly, addictions, so in an attempt to summarize this description,  I choose the word "habit".

We  live in a century where certain acts are meant for the Christians only.  We live at our pleasure. Its my life,  I don't have to live by bible standards. I can live as I want. We exhibit traits we should avoid because opposites of it are naturally meant for Christians. Well, here are some traits/habits every person be you Christian or not should avoid with "non-Christian" reasons.


You take broken things and make it beautiful
You meet us at our lowest points and carry us all the way to the top

You multiply our little seeds to bear mighty fruits
You turn our woes to ladders of success

You clean our running nose with your hands
You mend our broken hearts

You love us even when we turn away
You are faithful in our faithfulness

You lead us safely through thorny paths


Perfection is not necessary to make a real and lasting difference to people's lives.
                               J.K. ROWLINGS


N/B Keep an open mind before you start reading.
The election is fast approaching and a lot of propaganda is flying around in the air. Nigerians desire a change, we've wallowed in the same pothole for more than 40 years now. Its quite obvious that the other presidential aspirants are wasting their time so the question now is, between Buhari and Jonathan, with whom lies the change?

What really is our definition of change? Governance by a leader who has shown complete incompetence for the past four years or governance by a man who was has worn the shoe before but left it in a pitiable state? Many believe that change is constant and on that premise Buhari has changed, he is no longer the man he was, he no more has intentions to islamize Nigeria which is evident based on who is his running mate.

Now with whom lies the change?
President Jonathan? Lets evaluate that. When I first heard that our beloved president was running for a second tenure, I told myself that students won't vote…


Where is she? Where is she?
I refuse to think...exhales
It didn't reach this point
The mall is not affected
I know she said the mall
So she has to be here, somewhere
But where where where?


Some people will judge before they read this post and that's welcome. I'm starting with one of my favorite things to talk about, relationships. The mouth is a powerful tool, even the bible says so. The earth, heavens, nature and God listens when we speak so I speak to my future that I shall be married to a man with bugatti and I implore you to do the same. Buggatti as some of us know is one of the biggest and expensive cars as at now but buggatti in this context somewhat differs.

I will marry a man with a bugatti means I will marry a man with a future, that is, a man who knows what he wants and is working towards it, It means I will marry a man with financial stability to take care of a family at the time we are getting married, it means I'll marry a man with God.


For some time now, I've been considering starting a blog. I however started working towards it December last year and the headache eh! The technicalities is just much and I just happen not to be a technical person. My drive for perfection drove me to learning more about blogging. I took to google and came across terms I've not heard of before like domain name,  web hosting and the like and understanding was quite difficult, worse of all the name I had in mind was already taken, I almost got discouraged but for my love for writing and also, it didn't really matter how the blog looks, it isn't a money making blog though I wouldn't mind that happening in the near future, lol. I finally opened a wordpress and a blogger blog but I'm sticking with this.

                    SO WHAT WILL I BE BLOGGING ABOUT?